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RP- just read your posting for to today and I had to go back to get some perspective on your nsbf Leo. When I read the situation of bedroom movie night I had a couple of questions. My first thought was who's idea was this?? Why torture the "mono guy" ? Why not do this at Leo's house or your poly husbands space? Was this an attempt to desensitize mono to the eventual consequence of dating Leo and or other men? Let say you decide to go forward sexually with Leo and Mono remained in his apartment could you be in your new room while he and some new love are giggling in the other room. Not to say he's a giggler, but ya get the drift. When you all discussed the moving in of Mono was this always something that he knew was going to happen? ie bedroom dates with guys. Do you and Leo talk about this boundary softening or coming down someday.... hey I'm working on him type of thing.
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