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No one is talking about kids yet, lol. Just was thinking of the only circumstances in which I would feel that I had a moral obligation to tell my family, and that was the only one I could come up with.

Given the complexity of human relationships and emotions, it is obviously best to take it slow. Life isn't about getting to the destination, its about taking your time and enjoying the ride. That is what I tend to do. I just have a tendency to be analytical and do a lot of what-if scenarios in my head.

I've talked to my wife and told her that communication is stressed more than just about anything else in poly, and that she is not going to have an option not to if she wants poly to work. But to her credit, she is much better at communicating (and listening) than she was when we first got together. And given that she's wanted poly since she discovered she was bi, I believe she has the sufficient motivation to do what she needs to.

I don't think the age difference would be an issue. If you were blind you'd never guess that Miranda is 36. Add to that that both her Lissy have a similar personality profile. Finally, there is the growing list of all the common interests.
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