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Yes, that's the best advice, is to educate him. Tell him the facts & how you feel. Also to maybe prevent one of the mistakes I made when we had a mfm relationship, make sure you do not hang over their relationship. Such as, don't try to make them get along, just tell him how you feel & let them keep their relationship, don't micromanage it. Ryan said that it is important for the guys to respect each other constantly, this will cut down on the jealous reactions I think. Let your "boy-friend" know that his respect is expected. This will hopefully let your husband see that he does have the right to "input" his feelings and discuss different options with you if he needs something.

I honestly think that often jealous feelings are triggered by insecurity (and time management is also a factor he says). It helped allot when I told him I was willing to go at his pace & also that if it wasn't working for either of us that we could stop. There are ups & downs & ups again just as in any other relationship. Just be advised that you can be disappointed and heartbroken. But I really am grateful that I had the experience, it taught me so much! Best wishes for you!
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