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Default i got an issue

bit of back story. married to my wife. wife and i found a girlfriend. we knew her for several months before anything physical happened betweem the three of us. she had just broken up with her boy friend before anything happened. about six months later she began cheating on us with a co-worker. very ugly break up and we parted ways.

about a year after that, we began talking online as friends again. she had a new friend with benifits and we weren't interested in any of that so we stayed freinds. she got over him and again, several months later, we found our selves falling for each other again. come jan 1, we are physical again. first time in over a year and a half. going slowily and trying to build a healthy trusting relationship.

i find out today, that she is talking to a "boyfriend" that she had while we were apart. she said she fell hard for this guy and the she knew she shouldn't have because he was a peice of shit. her words, not mine.

should i feel uneasy? i am trying to let her make own decisions so the outcome is her own, but damn this has me a bit twisted. why get in contact with someone that you once "loved", when you are dating someone now?
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