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Red, thank you for sharing that. Most of all you've stated has already run through my mind. I question myself and sanity daily, hourly, at times. But I figure I wouldn't be normal if I didn't question myself due to the training of societal norms in our culture. I am completely open with my husband about my thoughts and feelings regarding love and he fully understands and agrees, to an extent. This whole concept is newer to him than it is to me, therefore, the more I research, read, discuss, marinate in my head, I'm able to discuss and share with him. Get his feelings. Usually we're on the same train of thought but at times, I find I'm already convinced that something is right and he's not right there yet. Those are the topics I let go of and readdress at a later time.

Mono, to address your's one I ask myself constantly. I wish I could say that it would be easy for me to accept but right now I can't say that. But mostly because it hasn't been an issue that I've dealt with yet. In my heart, I feel that it would be weird at first, maybe a bit tough to deal with, but in the end I would recognize the love that is there and would learn to embrace her in our lives. I won't lie and say it will be easy. But I am open to love and will always try my best to fair to my husband. If I'm asking him to be open and share me, I have to do the same for him.
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