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Originally Posted by sohuman View Post
You're probably right about us each having already met poly people but just not knowing, and about conversion being potentially obnoxious.

Good night, sweet polys. <3 <3
I was 95% there on my own and just needed someone to tell me the word to get me over the line. Once I had the word...I read like mad..

Strangely enough, the person that gave me the word almost put me off...due to their style of poly being so radically different to what my research had given me (ie. too much deceipt)..

Eventually I worked out I was fine with poly, but I'd just develop my own way. And is was largely the people on this forum that helped me make the decision to reject the style I initially encountered and have the strength to develop my own.
In case I've not said thanks yet - THANKS !!
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