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In my observations of the overall poly community, I've personally noticed two large factions... One being among people in relationships which are mixed gender and the other being relationships that contain gay men only... and the two groups don't often mix.

On the mixed gender side, I've often noticed that the norm tends to be bisexual women and straight men. I can't say I know of any straight women though I'm sure there have to be some that are involved in poly relationships.... and I've occasionally seen lesbian women in poly relationships come and hang around with the mixed genders for support. And I've seen really mixed attitudes regarding bi men and trans folk in the mixed gender poly community, ranging from not accepting at all to very accepting.

Maybe it's just the community of gay men that I hang around with, but it's seemed to me that poly and/or some form of open relationship is rampant... It almost seems weird to me to hear that a gay man is monogamous based on the behavior and philosophy of most of the gay men I know. One of the interesting things that I've run into as a poly woman is that some of my gay male friends have tried to dissuade me from poly because they have a perception that mixed gender poly relationships have much more drama than gay poly relationships do. I disagree with this sentiment, especially since the first time I was told this, I was being told it by some men in the most drama ridden triad I have ever seen. :lol:
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