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I had a very pleasant FWB fling/thing last week. A friend of a friend stayed with me for a week....and we had a very nice time togther

We're very different people - I liked the differences, but certainly didn't see our week together as the start of something deeper/longer etc. I didn't think he viewed it as that either.

It's the assumptions that can be dangerous. Assuming you are on the same page.

As he was leaving town I said "Are we ok here ? Is there something we need to talk about ? If there's any feelings of vulnerability I'd like the opportunity for us to have a discussion about that".

"I think we're good, but thanks for checking, You ok ?"
"Yeah, I'm good too ! "

I felt good that I'd been pro-active in checking in on his feelings. We'll stay in touch via email...we've had some interesting chats since he left. I think it's important to firmly indicate you have respect for the way someone may be feeling....Regardless of the depth or longevity of a situation - I feel it's always ok to indicate that you care (provided you do care, of course), And I'm assuming you do.
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