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Default Broken agreement

Ouroboros broke an agreement. He kissed the other woman... HE told me that he was not going to pursue anything with anyone. This happened when they went camping last time she visited. I had decided to trust him. It took him 2 and a half weeks to tell me even though there has been ample opportunities. I do not know what to do. In effect, he lied by omission, and broke an agreement. The whole point of this was to build trust in each other and this has been shattered. I am in pain.
I have been the best girlfriend... I was kind to her and him, trusting, generous with my love, patient, understanding, I listened to him and his stories with compassion, I loved having sex with him and pleasing him... I allowed myself to open up. In return I feel I was not respected and although I care for him, I do not want to be walked all over. What REALLY sucks is that just last weekend I was so happy about how things were going. Apparently it was an illusion.

I know forgiveness is a part of love.... but it does not mean that if I forgive, i will forget... or that I have to put up with this or stay in the relationship.

I am trying to be compassionate while at the same time sticking up for myself.

What would you do here??
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