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Default Where to meet sane open-minded folks?!

So, my man and I (I'll call him Jazz) have been poly our whole relationship. The experiences have been varied, sometimes fun and exciting, other times underwhelming. What has not taken form is a long term relationship with a third person. I guess you could call what we've had as flings. Our main way to meet people is the internet, and I have to say we have had very little luck with this. Most of the people we encounter seem like crazed sex addicts. I appreciate sexual tension, sensuality, and the nitty gritty of get'n down and dirty, but it totally turns me off to be introduced online to a picture of someone's penis, vagina, etc. Do social graces have to go out the door because we are non-manogomous? What ever happened to meeting someone before you bare it all? Leave something to the imagination, come on! Not to mention what a turn off it is that someone would throw themselves into bed with someone they haven't even exchanged more than a few sentences of typed lines of dialogue with.

What I am asking is how do you meet people in this lifestyle without having to drudge through the mass amounts of crazies, sex addicts, and those in need of an extreme psychological intervention, etc? Is my experience common? Is there something else we can do to improve our strategy for meeting people?

Thanks ahead for any insight!

PS I live in CT. Jazz lives in RI
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