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Originally Posted by Libre2Love View Post
I won't deny the fact that it's possible we've jumped the gun by thinking we've fallen in love after only five weeks, but my heart tells me to be open to the possibility that it's the real deal.
This is a Libra trait no? talking about loving....being concerned with love, love love love....!? heh (teasing my dear Libra mono with this as much as asking you...)

Mono and I fell in love immediately and he told me that within a week or so! I think if you know you know. It's a good thing! And I suspect that you will feel okay to feel that with a lot of least that is what I have come to. Perhaps it makes you feel weird and kind of selfish, scary, like you are taking something away from your husband and that if he knew the depth to which you love he would be very hurt... all okay to feel and to remember that just because you feel love for someone else doesn't mean you love others less. I did a lot of checking in with myself about if I would be okay with just my husband or just Mono and every time came to the conclusion that I couldn't be happy without BOTH of them. So I figured that means that my love for my husband has not gone away. It's just mellowed and different.

I used the analogy when talking to my husband that this kind of love is like a garden. Mono is a new patch of soil that has just been tilled and is ready to seed (he has been seeded now, HA!). My husband is an established garden and has annuals and perennials growing in it. He has trees that bear fruit and flower. His garden needs tending to, weeded, harvested, new seeds planted but it is there for good and just as exciting and valid.
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