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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
My husband wants DETAILS. He hates being excluded! And I am terrible at keeping secrets! I love sharing things with him, epecially when I'm all aglow -- he actually loves seeing me that happy. Yes, I do look lovely in NRE

I felt the same way about details at first when my wife went out with her lovers but the longer it goes on, the less I want about the actual sex. I mean how many ways are there really to do it? The details she likes to volunteer now are more about her "dates" themselves as we like to call them. Where they went, how his life is going, what his significant others are up to. After less than a year, this has become almost as comfortable as cotton pajamas. BTW, I feel the same way about the glow of NRE, I love to see my wife so happy. And, of course, there are benefits therein for me too, LOL!
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