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It isn't the CONCERN for the son that got to me. I can understand that. And I don't blame them for concerns. It was the concern of sexual abuse specifically. Why would they jump to something like that? It's like asking if every friend I bring into my life is really out to touch my son. Or every babysitter or every family member that cares for him, for that matter. Why was this NOT a concern until it came out that Mono was sexually involved with RP? How does having sex with the mother, as a primary, secondary, or any other way, have ANYTHING to do with sexual abuse of her CHILD? While I'm sure people have been guilty of doing such things, the same can be said of ANY relationship between adults, from a sex partner to a family member, to the child's own parent. Why is it that, because he is in a deeper relationship with RP than previously thought, they jump to accusations about his relationship with her child to THAT extreme?
Sorry, but THIS would piss me off.
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