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How do I get two guys to talk to each other about what they are feeling? I know that if H and J talked and got past all of the pent up resentments then it would not only make me happy but it would make their friendship stronger. They have been friends for many years. A lot of stuff has happened between them. There are some resentment issues that need addressed. I thought about suggesting to H that he could write out what is bothering him. That way when J gets it and is floored by the fact that his best friend is harboring bad feelings toward him after over a decade, he too will have time to think about what he wants to say back. There has been more recent events but all of them before J changed his life for the better. J has told me in the past that there is no way he could ever re-pay H for everything he has done for him. I just have a feeling that he has never told H this.

Is it always this hard for men to communicate with each other? Is it normal to let things go for this many years with out closure?
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