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Hey Aslesa,

I think there's a lesson here for the future.
I agree with RP that, from what we can see from your writing, the lifestyle you are living right now lends itself more to just open sexuality than involving deeper connections. And nothing wrong with that at all long as you are sensible about it.

But especially when you are open a lot like this there's always the potential that some 'connection' may enter your life. There's something about some person that you feel a draw towards. Our nature is to want to explore this new phenomenon. We want to find out what it's about - what's 'different'.

So the lesson is there now. It should now be a topic between you and BF - and anyone else you feel really close with. There's times we need to explore these things and other people in the picture can distort things, break the focus we need to truly explore what this is all about etc.
It's nothing personal towards anyone (BF or otherwise). It's just that a 3rd party can interfere with the exploration. It's kind of a distraction. It can prevent people from opening up truly to each other. People need to understand and respect that ! After some of this exploration though it's the best thing to come back to any SO's and talk about the discovery. Leaving them out of the picture can leave them open to all kinds of imaginary stuff, feelings of being shut out etc. This is where trouble begins.

Make sense ?


Hey, something's different here. I need to explore this and find out what it is. I'd prefer to avoid distractions. I may miss what's important. I'll let you know what I discover !

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