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Welcome Lobster !
Glad to have you join us.

I suggest approaching it like you would any other challenge in your life.
As Imaginary suggested - have a general plan is a good start. Accepting occasional setbacks comes with any challenge too -right ?
But what happens to us when we step up to a challenge ? Worth it - right ?

Jealousy. Fueled by insecurities. Not a bad thing to work on for any reason eh ?

Envy. Probably the easiest one to deal with. And worthwhile too.

Time management. Just plain sucks ! LOL But we do get better at that too.

Although you are 're-learning' some things, you're already showing signs of real love and compersion by putting her happiness and well being in the equation. Such is the foundation of all good relationships - right ? That action can do much to grow the bond between you ! Not weaken it.
Just don't be sacrificing all of yourself in the process and growing into a codependant situation. Emphasize that there has to be a tribe/team effort here. Have that discussion regularly to make sure things are staying as balanced as possible and that course corrections are made as necessary.

it can be a fun and highly beneficial journey.

Enjoy !

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