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A lot has happened since I updated last.

First of all, I can work out again and hit the gym last Sunday. I didn't do as well as I would have liked but I did ok. The good news is that I'm in better cardio shape than I thought I was. The bad news is that my weight max isn't where I want it to be at all at all.

I've been able to do my daily Buddhist practice 10 minutes a day pretty consistently but I feel a little bad because I need to find a way to do it an hour a day.

The big thing that is happening is that I have an inappropriate crush.

It all started in early December. There is a news website that I read pretty much on a daily basis and there was a story that interested me and I wanted to comment on so I shot an e-mail to the author. I have done this from time to time with other authors and rarely expect to hear back from them.

After a few days I heard back from the author via a very engaging e-mail. We have corresponded fairly steadily since then and I am even going to meet her when I visit Europe in April. She is really, really awesome. Intelligent, engaging, interesting, interested, geeky..and monogamous.

I'm trying my damnedest to not be crushing on this girl as she is in a long distance relationship, loves the person very much, and is monogamous but it is hard. Fortunately she is going for a month to see her boyfriend and I don't expect to hear from her(he is in a country where PC access is problematic) until March.

It is a good thing because now I have a much more clear idea of what I am looking for in regards to an OSO that is primarily mental traits with enough non traditional physical traits that I'm not chasing after Vogue cover girls.

It is a bad thing in that I should not be crushing on a girl that is monogamous. I really, really shouldn't be crushing on a girl that I've only had long e-mail exchanges for a month and never even met in person.

Fortunately I tend to crush until it becomes at least a little clear that the other person is not interested in an intimate capacity. I expect that will happen when we meet in April if not sooner. In the meantime, though, I am still deeply ashamed of this. This was doubly not meant to happen.

Thank you.
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