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seems to me.. since you have been in an abusive relationship.. that maybe you need to find some therapy. Im not saying your nuts... or need to be comitted by a long shot. but i do see that you seem to be all to willing to jump out of the frying pan into the fire and repeat the same mistakes possibly. lots of women who get out of an abusive relationship.. hop right back into another one.and by saying therapy... im not even talking about a professional councilor im talking about maybe a close friend... a relative.. someone who you trust.

since you have posted your first post.. as to what you are seeking... it seems to me.. you have a very low self worth.. Now I wasnt there... I dont know the situation.. But i can tell you... as anyone here can tell you.... YOU are worth something... theres only ONE you...And if you were in an abusive relationship... its NOT YOUR FAULT.... NOT your kids fault..... and hell its not even the abuser's fault... why its not their fault..... because most of the time abusers were abused when they were young. Does it make it right... hell no... does it make it fair... hell no.... BUT.. what you CAN do is recognize it for what it is.And realize you are a human being... and a mother.. and draw strength from that.
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