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I love that song! I sing it at the top of my voice with my boy in the car when I take him to school... heh. Can't believe I am admitting that.

If you are on your way to a change I suggest you read some of my blog. I have had quite a year with this very same kind of transformation... I'm sure everyone here is fed up to the teeth with my going on about it...

It started last year when my friend had a sex party and has been a huge shift for me ever since. It was Mono coming into my life that facilitated my looking at my self worth and what I get out of "giving" myself to others in ways that are not appreciated and cause them to treat me as if I am only worth my body... unfortunately it is a big cultural thing right now in pour sex positive era. Slut culture, raunch culture and feminist theory, I have read it all in order to figure out a new me. I finally have and am better for it in so many ways. This was my journey however and I don't promote it as a journey others will want to take or need to take. I learned a lot about myself and now the bar is set so high on loves there is really no reason to invest in many people that are around me.

I suggest that you look at the links on "sex" "sex positive" "casual sex" and see what you come up with as well as my blog.. we have pretty much all weighed in on the topic. At least those of us who have been here awhile. Perhaps it will help you figure out what is best for you so that others can take you seriously rather than ignore you.
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