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verrrrry true...i do NOT get close to people...on purpose mainly because i have been hurt before and now if i don't HAVE to take the chance i usually opt not to. but with was different, and we did just have a convo and she said she would just like being with me bc i don't pressure here for physical. i let her know i am interested and if something comes of it, then it does, but it hasn't in a while and that's fine too with both of us. she was honestly the first thing i ASKED...nay....put my foot down for...and it got stepped on. poor me, i know. it's all in learning. and it's also verrrrry true that i am very physical based in the way that i figure that is all i am worth so that's what i immediately give...i don't GET TO KNOW ppl first....and that ALSO is a behavior i need to modify. i am VERY IMMATURE in a lot of ways, which is why i am making the effort here, to try to get insight and advice. i don't want to be this way anymore. hubby calls me his "Firework" (after the katy perry song) and i am SO SO trying to make my colors burst. i want to be fabulous and whole and complete and satisfied by myself and WITH myself and make my own happiness. i just need some help from the village.
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