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Default far we have only kept things to just these two ppl as far as hubby and i; i on the other hand have been with numerous other guys with his permission and knowledge; so far he does not ever appear judgmental or jealous of me doing so. there is ONE other girl he would like to be intimate with but due to distance, it's rather impossible for the most part. i don't know about him having a total "stand alone" relationship with out me being at least in some way involved. that IS scary for me to think about actually. we are all friends which makes it a bit easier to swallow but if he wanted to cut me out totally i don't think that would be mentally ok for me at this point.
2. i have one specific guy i am seeing, more or less as a friend with benefits totally separate from hubby. i get jealous of the gf's mainly and THEIR relationship with EACH OTHER and then their other relationships as well with yet other ppl...makes me hurt and sad just thinking they may be closer to each other or to other ppl than to me.
3. i don't think i have a whole lot of trust issues other than when i said what i wanted with gf#2 and it being patently ignored.
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