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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I ended up here, because I suspected my husband of cheating. He does have a close lady friend with whom he has an emotional connection, but not a sexual relationship (not the person I thought he was cheating with). For the most part, it is just me and my husband at this point, that may or may not change in the future. I find that the folks here offer invaluable information, that I have been able to put into use repairing my relationship with my husband. We will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this August.
Congratulations on time served. I'd try to use the smilies but I'm sure I'd loose this or double post. Note to the mods please feel free to delete my double posts. Thanks derby for the mechanical help. Not quite there yet. I'm sure my kids could do this in their sleep and laugh at how stupid I am.
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