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Hi! We are a younger couple that is able to move to your location (provided we hit it off) if not, then we would like to be friends. I would really like to chat with you two sometime!

I love it that you two have written a list here that seems pretty reasonable. So it will just be easier for me to go down the list.....
1. We are also interested in poly /quad relationship. We have some experience with polyamory.
2. Agnes is 20, Ryan is 27
3. Agnes is bisexual, Ryan is straight
4. Resourses wise, we can already afford the expense and time requirements of the lifestyle. Ryan has a good seasonal job & Agnes is willing to work more if necessary.
5. Disease and Drug Free -yes
6. Fun loving, drama free, open minded, & physically healthy (you will have to decide on the looks haha)
7. No children of our own...its a possibility
8. Mature? Yes usually, although I think we are always growing as people.
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