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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
You have a girl and three boys if I counted right in your relationship, and it seems you are not happy in that relationship right now. You need to work on that relationship, your current relationship contains, among other things the parents of your children. Trying on a new spouse to fix all the things and making your kids adjust because you feel unable to financially support yourself and them, is going to make your situation worse, not better from what I can see of things.
Athena and other prev posters, her OP states she was in a polygynous relationship, but is no longer. She is looking for a legal spouse to provide financial security and health insurance for herself and her 4 children.

g71, whether you were legally married or not, your ex is morally responsible to care for the children he fathered. He should be providing for their food and shelter and paying for their health insurance, unless and until you meet, fall in love with, and marry another man willing to take on the fathership of your 4 children.

Is there some reason your ex is not providing for his children with you?

Meanwhile, if I were you, I'd be looking for a job with benefits myself, not a man to keep you home as a housewife and willing to knock you up again. Is it really fair to your present kids to add another baby to the mix right now when you have just split from their dad?
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