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I'm right with you on that one G.S. I think that's exactly what happened to me last week - my uncle's death, a friend outing me as bi, to my mother, via posting pics of me making out with a girl on facebook, added to the person we'd (our quad) recently come out to as poly trying to tell me how I was supposed to be feeling about a recent situation created the right circumstances for IFU.

As a result, I completely overreacted when Wendigo was angry at/ with me and took his needing some time to sort things out as I was losing him, apologized w/o ever asking what I'd done wrong, and cried myself to sleep in Wolf's arms. We talked the next day, after I'd had some time to realize that my reaction was one that I'd thought I was long since past, and I discovered that the truths I'd given him in the e-mail I sent were the straw that broke the camels back over the whole situation with said friend. We're still trying to figure out our next move where said friend is concerned, but we're all on the same page about who is to blame and where our feelings came from.

So yup, IFU, it's good to finally have a name for it and to be able to move past it.
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