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Originally Posted by lovinhimloviner View Post
Have you told him that? Knowing what is going on with you is more important to him because he can't go forward in the relationship if you aren't ready.
Talk to him.
We have discussed this, yes. I've been very open about the jealousy/envy feelings I have going on (for various reasons. some very legit and selfless- concern for him, and some selfish) . I was more than thrilled about the open conversation aspect of poly... and I've taken to it quite well. I don't know how much he relays to his primary... and for the time being... I'd feel more comfortable with her left out of things until I can come to terms with my current situation (though I'm starting to have fleeting thoughts of spending some time with her. Albeit, FLEETING). He's been nothing but re-assuring, and take it at my own pace. I think it's more personal guilt that's eating away at me.
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