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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Thanks for the update Mono.....hope it's not too traumatic for RP's wife has recently come out about our 3 to a few of my employees.....they are quite taken aback by it, moreso than I had imagined they would be......I'm a bit disappointed in them for that, they've known us for 15 years. They look to my wife and I as family, so I guess that would be how some family members might respond. Hopefully, not yours.....I am not sure how soon it might be before she'll inform our sons.....I know she has plans to tell a few friends next week while she's away on a fishing trip with them. I won't be there as I won't get into small planes....just a chicken, I guess......continued good luck and happiness to you all.
Hey Mark, long time no hear from you it seems... hope all is well...

Just wanted to write a quick note (hope Mono doesn't mind) to say that, my co-workers have known all along about Mono. They have seen him show up at my work, and hear stories, take his phone calls... but they have always been a bit skeptical as they also hear from my husband too.

Recently however that all changed as my co-worker had a BBQ and we all went. They got to see first hand how much we all get along together, how I take care of the needs of my men, how well they take care of me and how I disperse my time among them both. They also saw that my husband and Mono joke around a lot and are really good and close friends. Their attitude has totally changed and it has become evident in what they say and how they refer to them in my life. Hopefully one day this becomes a reality for the three of you also.
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