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Default Hello...

Hey! I'm not sure why I didn't search for an online community where I can openly discuss polyamory before... I really need one. I'm hoping to stick around here and make some friends, as well as talk about my own experiences with polyamory, and maybe get some advice about problems to do with it.

I'm a female, 22 year old Graduate student with a bachelors degree in Biology, and working toward a masters degree in Genetics. I have been with my current significant other for 6 years. He is my first partner who has been polyamorous, so my experience with polyamory is limited to these past 6 years. Our relationship also has a Dominant/submissive dynamic to it, with me being His owned and collared sub.

My reason for choosing polyamory are because I am bisexual, and when I am confined to a monogamous relationship I often feel very lonely for the gender I am not with. I truly feel that my emotional and sexual needs can not be filled by a single gender... So my ideal situation is to be involved with one man and one woman.

I look forward to getting to know and interacting with the community.
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