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We were the same way when we had our first relationship with a long time friend. She stayed with us and slept in our bed with us. We were all sexual together and her and H were on their own as well. Although it didn't last long because we got a call one day, it was a guy asking to talk to her said he was her boy friend. It wasn't that she wanted to date someone it was that she kept it a secret from us. While it was good it was GREAT! We thought that it was something we would like to do again someday. Then my husband fell in love with someone who is clearly mono. We talked about the what if's. What if they decide they couldn't live with out each other, what would we do then? Ideally we would like for her to move in and have her own room. Something else you need to consider is what if the person you find wants to have kids? It is important to try to think of all of the possible problems you might run into. That way when you come up against it you will not be so floored and unprepared. Other might not agree with me. They might just say play it by ear and that is fine for some. For me, I have to be a little prepared. It makes me feel a little more in control of my life. I feel the need to talk about all of the different things that we might want or need in the future as well. I hope my rant helps some.
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