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It sounds like you have been flying by the seat of your pants and not done any prep work. I don't know, might be wrong there, so let us know if I am...

I think the two of you have done your bit of getting back at one another and have come to a place where you could carry on being mono or try again. This time it sounds like the boundaries need to be set and KEPT. If there is any cause to waver I think that should be it and you or he move on. It doesn't sound like he gets it and neither do you. Working on a foundation is the only way of doing it I think....

On that note, check the lessons learned thread and the poly foundations thread and see if that helps at all. You can find them by doing a tag search for "lessons" and "foundations" please add to them from your own experience as they are not meant to be sacred documents, but for everyone to share and help each other... it sounds like you have some lessons you have learned
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