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Sexy or attractive?

I know lots of sexy heavier girls. The eyes, attitude, smile - all there. But I'm not attracted to them, never have been. Conversly, I know lots of VERY "attractive" women that aren't sexy at all - the eyes, the smile, ESPECIALLY the attitude, just aren't there. And intelligence and personality are sexy completely independent of physical attributes.

I don't buy the "big girls are more adventurous" bit - I've been with many shapes and sizes, and inhibition or the lack thereof has little or nothing to do with size or shape.

I'm 6'1" and the heaviest I've been in my life was 177; I'm at 165 now. Spent my teens and half of my twenties at 130 and couldn't gain weight, period - I ate enough for 3 or 4 people at every sitting. Now I eat hardly anything and sit between 160 and 170.

So I'm going to be completely honest and break from most of the posts here - I like smaller girls. In fact, TINY girls, the smaller the better. I've dated maybe 10 women my whole life over 5'5". YES - there is such a thing as too thin; but you can be thin and healthy. In order from "biggest" to "smallest", the ladies in my life line up like this - Lana is 5'5" and 115 with full breasts and and looks like a supermodel. Violet is smaller still at 5'1"-ish and 100 lbs or so, with small breasts and a butt that qualifies as a genetic freak on a white girl, lol. Her figure changes a lot - since we've been together she's been everywhere from 90 to 130 ls. Loved it all, she wears curves well - but never got "thick" or "heavy". Adrian is TINY. 4'10" and 85 lbs with full C cups and I can't get enough of it. They are all in excellent physical condition, not sickly like some people seem to think all thin people are.

And +1 here for the comment about people telling you you're too thin being just as bad as saying you're fat. Grrr!

Some of our closest friends weigh over 1,000 lbs between them. And they have quite the poly life going on what with another couple playing with them and a regular GF, all plus-sized but not nearly as large as they are. And they get freaky as hell in the bedroom, though I'll admit the physics of it are a bit beyond me, lol.

Some say women who are thin "feel like you'll break them"; I counter because I like a woman I can "throw around", lol. Different strokes for different folks, as always.

I don't want to come off as mean or rude, but I'm not going to lie - I find obesity horribly unattractive. I don't look down on big folks, not at all! But when I hear people say a particularly large person is super hot or that they like that, I just shrug - it's not for me.

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