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Originally Posted by NYCindie
A relationship that starts out or remains mostly sexual isn't necessarily always temporary, short-lived, or shallow. Its dynamic simply meets a particular need.
Glad to know there are others who think like this.

Can't seem to get my computer to back up a page and save the quote, but LR mentioned her & Maca and their differing uses of words. Violet and I just recently realized this fundamental breakdown between us, and are working on it. It's HARD. Now that we're working on it, we're constantly aware of JUST how often it happens, even with ittle things, and now we see it etween other people all the time. Many a book and thesis could (and probably has been) written on this one, it's a deep and universal problem.

I find it interesting to see how many people here acknowledge the attraction>lovers>friends>love model and the others similar to it; and how this is accepted now. I haven't been active here for months because of the heat I caught for operating this way, which it how I've always been. I also see comments about sex on first dates and such. Glad to see more acceptance of people who move quickly now.
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