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I can say that Western Washington is VERY accepting of different lifestyles.

There are LOTS of home school activities and opportunities within the school districts near Olympia. I might be a bit biased but I can say I went to an alternative high school and didn't have to explain what that was because of the surrounding school districts, there was not one that did not have their own, a couple even had alternative style elementary and middle schools. After high school I was active in Americorps and worked within the community in that area. More often then not my students introduced me to mom and mom or dad and dad and mom or any combination you can think of. There's a vast mix of urban and country choices and you aren't far from Portland (+/-2hrs depending on how you drive) and about an hr from Seattle depending on traffic.

I might be a little biased as this is home to me (though I don't plan to move back anytime soon due to inlaws) but it really is a great community!
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