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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I appreciate it when fat people can say they are "fat" and it's not meant or perceived as an insult. Autumnal Tone has talked about this before.
Just saw this on rereading the thread....

Yeah, "fat" is merely a descriptive term, same as "pale," "brunette," "tall," or "short." The term indicates nothing more than that a person has enough adipose tissue to be noticeable.

I'm fat. That descriptor, however, tells you nothing of much use in most contexts. It would take a great many more descriptors to give you an inkling of my appearance and whether or not one would find me attractive.

A friend's daughter, upon meeting me, exclaimed "You're fat!" as if it were surprising. Her mother was mortified. I laughed and told the girl her grasp of the obvious was quite firm. Her mother and I were engaged in the dance of sorting out whether we wanted to date, so it was safe to say that the girl got a lesson that showed thin is not the only sexy.
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