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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
... that I will re-work into questions so as to be helpful to anyone reading this.... as I think that this all might be helpful in some way to anyone who is considering coming out or worries about the repercussions as I did. I think I will start a new link for those questions actually..... stay tuned for a link to it.

Wow! That's a lot -- and a lot to process, for you and all of us here who care for you.

So many things stand out, and yet what stands out most strongly for me, and almost moves me to tears, is that you are recognizing that out of this tumult and turmoil, you have a gift to offer to others -- lemons to give as lemonaide.

This is the greatest gift you can offer -- the will to give. It is a spirit that could heal our broken world. And why, in part, I have so much hope and faith in poly folk.

Bless you and yours, and thank you.
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