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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
. . . it would seem very unacceptable to ever say "wow, you're so fat"...
You might be shocked to know how often exactly this happens. It IS completely unacceptable, but it is a reality that some obese people face daily.

At least the ignorant comments to you are intended as a compliment for the most part.

In college I had a dear friend who struggled with a metabolic disorder. I forget the specifics, but she was obese. Not enormous, but definitely obese. She was also brilliant, charming, funny, energetic, hard-working, funny, loyal and very wise. She designed and made her own clothes because she hated the choices that were commerically available to her, and she was always neat as a pin and very well dressed.

She was well-loved and respected within our circle, but she dreaded going out in public, because it was not uncommon for some people to stare and comment. The stares at least were silent, but the comments! One time a half dozen of us made a supply run for a class project. At each stop, we split up the list and separated, to get the job done ASAP. In one of the stores, a strange female walked right up to my big friend and said, "No man is ever going to want you because you are so fat." Out of the blue. I saw it all and stood there dumbstruck, but another friend with us jumped right in from another aisle with, "Okay, she's fat. And you're ignorant, small-minded and ugly. She's working on her problem. What are you doing about yours?" The two of us went over to my big friend and we stood there looking at the woman until she went back to her own business. As we were leaving, one of the guys with us casually put his arm around our big friend and laid a righteous, passionate kiss on her. I was proud to be walking out the door with all of them. I just wish I had been as fast thinking as those two.
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