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Default Argh!

I hate my memory some days!

I am having an AWFUL time finding a post by somebody, in a thread about something, that may have been unrelated, grrrr.

Yeah, I am not having a good time with this.

Basically , someone at some point of time mentioned something about being able to feel someones energy even from long distances, almost in a psychic manner of speaking? They gave a Buddhist name for this phenomena I think, and I want to know what that is... only... now I cant find it. LOL

If anyone remembers seeing that, or if you are the person who wrote it, please let me know? Or send a link? I am extremely interested in this.

Thanks everyone!


FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it took me like 3 and a half hours of scrolling through every thread I read in the last few days. LOL

TL4everu2 Says: "In japanese, this is called Shin Pa Tan. Or "Short Mind Waves". Very similar to short wave radio. The feelings can be felt over long distances, so the parties involved can often know when the other is hurting, or about to call them, or feelings of lonliness, or loss."
I have always been able to do this, but did not know the word for it. Thanks so much for your post TL4everu2 where you mentioned it! It was very helpful to me for all kinds of reasons!
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