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Groups that dislike redheads = very sad indeed.

Also agree that stereotypes are not that helpful.

But the studies on pain thresholds are interesting as there seems to be indications that a gene linked to hair colour also has some sort of link to how someone feels pain......or more basically - feeling in general.

Which would seem to indicate at some level that there could in fact be a physical basis to a stereotype...Which could, of course, potentially be true of all sorts of physical attributes.

Dangerous conversation though. Years ago scientists were determined to discover the "gay gene"...and I feel there is merit in understanding but it's only a thin line from wanting understanding and knowledge to various groups with narrow agendas wanting to "fix" what they see as a problem.

The science itself is not a problem, but the application of it can be at the whim of various groups with various agendas. Discrimination with a touch of flimsy science behind it is a dangerous, unpleasant, hateful thing..

And cheers to those who write with appreciation of redheads
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