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I did forget to mention that my wife is bisexual.

I did think about the social stigma. What if I have a baby by Miranda? I would want my mom to know she has a grandchild, but I don't think she would understand.

It seems that communication would be the greatest problem here. I am good at communicating. Miranda seems to be too. My wife is not. Often times when something is bothering her she won't talk about it, she'll just take out her aggravation on who's closest. Half the time she isn't sure what is bothering her, just that something is. But maybe she'll learn to stop if there is a person around that won't be a "patient" with it as I am.

Upon thinking about it more I thought of some advantages not mentioned. Greater financial stability due to more incomes. When kids happen an extra set of arms would be great. And just a general sharing of responsibilities.

Just another thing I'm wondering if the age difference will affect anything. Both my wife and I are 23. Miranda is 36, but she is a young soul. So far all its affected is we haven't gotten a few popular culture references she's made.
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