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I had a dream last night where someone I know in the community wrote a poly article for some on line source and included pictures. Some of the pictures were of me and they were put there without my knowledge or permission. I got really angry about it and said that I didn't want things out there about me without my permission. This person told me that it was just better this way that everyone know. I told them that it wasn't their desision to make.

Last night was great fun. Dinner and bowling. I got to talk to some people who I don't talk to often which was a nice change of pace. I like that there are events like this who are appealing to a different group of people who sometimes aren't all together comfortable at some of the other events that come up. I liked that there were less people and I was able to just be (which for me means being a little silly).

I also saw my best friend during the day yesterday. Her new years resolution is to make more time for friends and family. For the last year she's been all caught up in a new relationship and hasn't had time for anyone else. We did some baking and took the kids to the park. It was really nice and relaxed.
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