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Default New but excited

I am M, married 4 years to E, I am a 26 year old female, straight. I am a SAHM to two beautiful children who are 2 and 4. Recently we nearly divorced, due to me feeling something was missing. I have come to realize a lot of people feel like this after being married for a bit. We have talked a lot in the past about swinging, which made me see that I am looking for more in my life than just one love. I was so distraught at the decision of divorce as was he, so we finally opened up and talked about having an open marriage. We are happier than ever now, even though we haven't had any experiences yet. I am Moving about 9 hours away from him, I find myself drained by the place we live now. We will see eachother often, since its not horribly far. I have a friend who is interested in taking me out when I get home, I am definitely considering it. I am excited for our new life to begin.
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