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When I was in a V relationship (mfm so, I had two hetero boyfriends). We had several talks that relate to this subject. They were both open to polyamory somewhat, but we all had issues to work through. From my experience as a female, I think it was challenging for me to simply express when I wanted sex or attention or when I truly felt a certain way. Society tries to tell us that for us to get anything, we have to be coy or sneaky about it. This is really not the case so don't be scared to talk to your husband about it. Talk to her about it. If you are honestly confused, then ask. However I implore that instead of asking in an upset way, (like how you will probably feel once you are so overwhelmed by bending over backwards) talk about it before this. In my situation things got heated quickly sometimes and we stopped listening. So my boyfriend and I agreed to go outside where it was calm, sit on the porch for 10 minutes and write down the Focus of our arguments in only a few sentences on paper. Then we switched papers and replied to each other by writing. After that we continued to talk about it. It really helped to get the ball rolling for a productive conversation. The best of luck to you!
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