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An aspect of the wieght question I find interested is that it appears it's ok to publicly comment on people's weight when they are thin/skinny..

I'm tall and thin, maybe weigh 135 and would be perhaps 5'10. I constantly hear "oh, you're so thin", "geez, you're so skinny". These types of comments come from friends, business colleagues...people at the shops !!

But yet it would seem very unacceptable to ever say "wow, you're so fat"...

I don't actually like it when people comment on my weight, it seems rude...and it would not be ok to comment if someone is big, I'd never randomly comment on someone's size - big or small.
I'm sure people say it thinking it's a compliment of some just comes across as a random comment on my body size.
A strange dual standard a think...
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