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Good grief, Barry! That's one helluva rat!

The article I linked mentions the pack rat's territoriality, and tendency to find their way home again. Naturally, I'm thinking that you certainly would have to carry the poor and industrious fellow MANY miles afar. But I'm just not into killing anybody, however many legs they have -- which thought makes me realize that I really ought to be vegitarian, or vegan even, but then I'd have to quit utilizing cars, since road kill is everywhere..., and pretty much live deep in the wilderness as a hermit monk of some sort, and... and I'm just not that evolved.

Edit: If you must kill the poor, poor industrious fellow, do it quickly and use no poisons! I hate to think of him/her dying slowly of internal bleeding or some damn thing.

More editing as preemptive response to the vegitarians and vegans among us: I fully support radical revision of animal "husbandry" laws, requiring all animal products to come from animals well-treated before the lowering of the boom.
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