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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Actually, I know WHY some people are turned off by their own stuff, I just think they should get over it.
I know why SHE feels that way. She's so obviously bisexual to EVERYONE but HERSELF. The woman used to creep into my bed naked and drunk when we were teens, coerce people to dare her into kissing other girls to show "how crazy" she was, ask to shower with me "to save hot water", and comment on every other females butt and breasts because she was "only comparing them to" herself. (I never even tried to touch her nor was ever interested.) Once I came out to her and she pulled the "gross" act, she then nagged me for every intimate detail of my sexual relationship with women.

The idea her own sexual organs are gross no doubt comes from her repressed bisexual side and the feeling that that is gross. I don't think she'll ever open up that side with the upbringing she's had and the repression to an ALMOST homophobia. To her credit, she never loved me any less after I came out. I don't know if she's even aware of it consciously herself. And I feel very sad for her sometimes.
I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.
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