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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
............ We don't all think the same way, but putting our opinions out there is helpful to others in order that they come up with their own.

My thought is that jealousy and envy are hugely diverse in their meaning. Much like the definition of love or poly... each person has their own take.
Yes RP - I hear exactly what you are saying. How many conversations have most of us had over the need to get semantically clear in order to have a productive conversation ? !!!

But I'm not so quick (or comfortable) trying to let these two terms wash over as 'you can have your meaning and I can have mine'. Because these emotions and reactions are SO critical to all relationships and cause SO much drama and heartache, it's imperative that we have a clear and agreed-to standard. We're often building life rafts because of these terms and the use of the right tool to build with is critical. Otherwise - the raft will likely sink (unless we are plain lucky ).
If I need a hammer and you bring me a get the picture.
The tools needed to reconstruct 'jealousy' and 'envy' are dramatically different. If we can't even agree what we're building what's the odds ?


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