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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
back to topic...

I get all blushy and off my game when I actually think that the person/people are really hot and way past my league. I don't if I think they are just kinda *meh.* I also get blushy if a circumstance comes up that I am not used to. If an old lover asked me to join in on her/him and their new partner I think I would be derailed for a sec if it came out of the blue like that. I just try and buy some time to think about it and let it settle into me so I can see how I feel about it in my gut first... often, then, I get my balls back.
That sounds just about right. The problem is the part about circumstances I am not used too. I have literally spent years concentrating on making the BF happy, and since I was already content, the idea of me dating has simply not come up in a long time. I am going to just have to get used to it again I guess. LOL.

Which brings me to another question since you mention it, I wonder what my "league" is now? Its been years, and I have changed, my interest have changed, the world has changed, etc... Dating over 30 is certainly going to be different than 20 I imagine. That is a whole different ball game I have not even considered. I am not sure how to do it anymore. When I met my ex husband, it was easy. I walked up to him (randomly mind you I had no idea who he was) and said : "You look like someone who needs to get laid by me." and away we went from there. I was 19 then. Good lord, I would melt through the floor before I ever said anything like that now! 19 year old me was incredibly stupid! LOL
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
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