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Oh my, ya, I remember that 23 year old thing too... ha! ten years and you will be ugly. I'm here to tell ya that I am almost 20 years older than you and way hotter! I don't even have to look at you to know. No disrespect but at 41 women are far more confident, know that they rock, don't give a shit about what others think and live for themselves, not for someone thinking they are hot. Really, sometimes youth is a burden in the way you are talking.

I don't mean disrespect, but the BEST is yet to come. I would wonder if this guy will pan out if you are seeking someone in the way you suggest. I wonder if you should keep your eyes open for another who rocks your world just as much who is willing and available to be with you in the way you are wishing this man to be. It sounds like you have some goals that you want to achieve... it's important that you work toward them no? Enjoying what you have now of course.

You have a TON of life left to live. Sit back and enjoy, it goes real fast. I have at least half a life left and am enjoying every minute of it because some where along the line I decided to... not worry about people leaving me or what is not happening, but creating for myself what I want out of my life. Weighing everything up and adjusting to paths that work for me... it has NOTHING to do with my looks and growing old and everything to do with the soul I am, the beautiful person I am.

I hope I don't come across as condescending as this is not my intent... sometimes younger people think that when a woman has some wisdom that it should be blown off because they are old and condescending. It's unfortunate and disrespectful. I mean everything I say with respect and out of a desire to help.

Really, this man will love you for as long as he does because of who you are. Not for your hot body. If this is what he is telling you and what you are assuming because of his actions, move on. He isn't worth it as you are being used. If he is showing you respect for who you are as a person, then believe him and gain confidence from that. He loves his wife for different reasons, but both are valid
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