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Originally Posted by Ohiogrl View Post
Smart people are sexy. Despite their shape or size. I have always thought that.
Smart's not enough to do it for me. I know plenty of smart people I wouldn't touch with somebody else's ten foot pole. But it is a key component.

So is generosity. Personal integrity is huge for me. So is confidence. Kindness and compassion. PASSION! Definitely passion! And not just sexual. I LOVE it when someone is really passionate for a cause, or a field of study, or an art form, or whatever turns them on. Makes for great conversations, which in turn may lead to deeper sharing and then, well . . . who knows!

There are physical components, too. I used to have a definite "type" that I was attracted to, but not anymore. I dropped that mindset like a hot rock when I met Fidelio, who is not at all my type but is exactly perfect for me. Now, it is strong healthy bodies that appeal to me, and I like 'em with some substance. I'm one of the Amazon women, and I don't want to worry about breaking a lover.

For me it's not one thing or another, it's the whole package. Oh yeah, and the package matters, too!

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