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I think this is a really good topic of discussion on this forum because it is on line. Its hard to know someone's intent when they right and I definitely think that telling someone they are wrong or that you disagree can really get peoples backs up.

On line I think its important to respect people even more because we really don't know them. Its far more likely to open further discussion by respecting their point of view and then beginning to say what your opinion is I think. That can be really hard sometimes for me because I sometimes sit here and think that what they have said is complete and utter bullshit and am fuming that they would say such things... but I have found in my life and on here that there is no way I am going to facilitate them opening up to my opinion and possibly encourage them to change their mind if I say "you are wrong."

Of course I can debate and discuss until the cows come home sometimes and the person can still think they are right. I get that. I am the same sometimes... but I like to think that if I am able to put the bug in their ears and make them think, then I have done all I can do.
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